Monday Fun Day

12.30 – 2pm

Get your practice in for
2pm Balloon Shoot
Minimum 2 people

Wednesday Friend Day

12.00 – 5pm

receive a $7 discount on your day’s shooting fee
Minimum 2 people

For all sessions please book prior on 8510 8490

Suitable for ages 6+

Come & Try

  • Equipment hire
  • learning the basics of how to shoot
  • which includes stance, nocking the arrow, setting the drawing hand, setting the bow hand and bow arm, predraw and drawing the bow, anchoring, holding and aiming, releasing, follow through and relaxing
  • shooting lots of arrows in your 90 minute session

(1 x 90 minute session)

Come&Try for 2+ discounts apply

Introductory Course
includes 5 Lessons

1. Learn basics including stance, etiquette, safety and understanding equipment

2. Refresh, shoot a longer distance, learn follow through

3. Refresh, use stronger poundage, Olympic anchor point, sight, stabiliser

4. Refresh, introduction to compound and release aid

5. Refresh, introduction to longbow, shoot preferred type of bow

(5 x 90 minute sessions)

Intro Course for 2+ discounts apply

Tuesday Discounts

Start Tuesday at
12 noon and shoot through to 1.30pm

$28 Tuesdays
(normally $38)

Minimum 2 people